About Me and my love for chocolates

Hi, welcome to my site. If you have landed here to find out more about me, it means that you love chocolates too. I've always loved chocolates. Each time I had to choose a flavour, it's chocolate. Nothing else would do.

In my teenage years, I started collecting recipes and dabbling in baking. I baked rather regularly then. That's my second love. And together with my first love it became quite a good combination for me.

Through the years, I've tried and tested quite a number of chocolate recipes. My family and friends had the privilege of tasting it all - the good and bad ones. I was just happy baking and looking out for more chocolate recipes.

As the years went by, I became so busy at work that I just didn't have the energy to bake anymore. Any free time I had was to catch up on sleep. All the recipes were left in the cupboards.

The Start of a Dream
Once while on a hillside holiday, my friend and I joked about opening a small cafe where we can have a relaxed life, cool air, quiet place. The cafe would only be open for business during the holiday seasons. On the quiet months, we do our gardening, read and of course my baking. That dream took a back seat as I went back to the reality of work and busy schedules.

About a year ago, a friend who has been diligently working on his SBI site for the past 4 years suggested that I start one too. He talked about the many successful SBI case studies. I can easily build my site on my own free time and pace it according to my schedules. No bosses to breath down my neck on deadlines and I can do what I love to do and maybe rekindle my cafe dream?

I did some soul searching about me, about my life right now. Where would it be in years to come? Will I still be at the same job?

Beginning of a Real Dream Come True
What do I have to lose? Nothing! I have a passion that I haven't had time to pursue for the past few years and I have a dream that's been kept under wraps. So it's not going to be a physical cafe, but I can still serve up my favourite chocolate recipes to all you chocolate lovers out there.

It would be a real pleasure for others to enjoy what I've been enjoying. And the recipes are free! So I decided to try out SBI! I've decided years ago that I want to retire to something meaningful. So this is really something that I can "retire" to someday.

It's Been Great
Life's been good since I started with SBI. The SBI action guide has been really helpful especially for me who's not that internet savvy. At times when I get all overwhelmed, the advice has given me the confidence and assurance that I can make it. And I've become more disciplined with my time.

Coming Soon
There are lots of recipes that I want to share with you. So if you don't see what you are looking for, I hope to get there when you return sometime in the future. Do come back for more!

Yours truly,

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