Useful Tips On Baking Ingredients

Getting all baking ingredients ready beforehand can help improve your baking routine and make you much more efficient.

Baking is easy if we put in a little plannning. It saves alot of time and get you out of stress. You definitely don't want to get halfway into the mixing and realise that you are missing an ingredient!

I will share with you my preparation routine when I do my baking.

  1. Pick the Recipe. Usually I like to browse through my recipe book and see what catches my interest. I usually do this a few days earlier so that I have time to ponder and explore. Sometimes when there's too many choices, it gets difficult as I want to bake them all!

  2. Familiarise. Once I decide on the recipe, I will run through the recipe to familiarise with the ingredients and baking method. This gives me a better understanding on the required ingredients and preparation needed before I actually start the baking work.

  3. Make A List. I will start making a list of all the ingredients I need. Make sure you have the ingredients with the amount you require. If you don't have enough, make a list for the items you want to pick up from the store. You can easily purchase all the ingredients from the grocery store or from a baking store.

  4. Measure the Ingredients. After all the shopping is done, measure all the ingredients you need. Keep the measure ingredients in separate bowls and lay them on the table near to where you are going to do your mixing. This way you won't miss out any ingredients during mixing.

  5. Refer. Refer. Refer. Always put the recipe near to you so that you can easily refer to it. You are not going through an exam so don't rely on your memory as you prepare the ingredients.

More baking ingredients tips to help you:

---------- Baking Ingredients ----------

  • To aerate the flour mixture, mix flour and baking powder well and sieve it before mixing into the liquid.

  • Use all your baking ingredients at room temperature as cold ingredients will prevent the mixture from rising well during baking.

  • When measuring dry ingredients such as flour and sugar with a cup or spoon, use the cup to scoop the ingredients from the container and level it off with the edge of a knife. Don't shake it in as this will pack in too much volume.

  • To speed up on the mixing dry ingredients to the batter, you can sieve all the dry ingredients together ie. flour, cocoa powder, baking powder.

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