Easy Guide to the Best Recipes.

The best test to the best recipes is when you get requests for more servings or simply "Can I have it?". Or when you get the request to bake the same goodies at each gathering. That usually warms my heart. The evidence of love and effort that's mixed into your baking will reap the compliments.Now, if you don't have the best yet, how do you get your hands on one? What's the secret to creating the best? I have here some quick and easy steps to start.

1) Start with good comments.
Find a recipe that has good comments or good votes. Check out what others have tried and what do they say about it. Most times you will be able to gauge if it's a good one if most comments are positive. So start with that one.

2) Get others to try it.
Share the goodie with your family and friends once you have baked it. What better way to get comments. If you receive mostly compliments, then you know you have a good recipe at hand.

3) Improvise and Personalise.
Taste is a very subjective thing. However, you will become the first gate keeper. Adjust the ingredients to the taste of your liking and then further improvise for your different group of friends and family. I usually like to experiment by adding and creating substitute or add fruits, nuts and even adjust the liquid to get different consistency.

4) Don't be Afraid to fail.
If the recipe don't work out, try again in small portions. Negative comments helps you make it better the next time. So don't give up but get at it to get to the best.

My two very best are the Moist Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie. These are the all time favourite of my friends and family. And I've given out these recipes so many times that I lost count!

Do you have your very own to share? I would love to have you share them with the rest.

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Share it with us. We can't wait to try your superb recipe and stories!

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