Useful Tips On Cake Mixing

Cake Mixing can get tricky for a novice. You've gone through getting the right baking utensils and follow the right ingredients measurement. This is the most crucial part to ensure that your cake comes out a success. If you overmix, you'll be getting a tough cake that is all the air has escaped from the mix.

Here are some useful tips and mistakes that I've picked up along the way. Hope it'll be useful in cutting down your learning curve:

  1. Go Slow. Go slow when you start beating in the eggs and dry ingredients. Don't pour everything in but do it one egg at a time and for dry ingredients, do it one scoop at a time. This prevents overmixing.

  2. Keep dry. Use only dry baking utensils and tools so that your mix is not contaminated.

  3. Don't be Enthusiastic. Once the mix is done, stop mixing even if you have the urge to continue to smoothen out every part of the dough.

  4. Room Temperature. Use only ingredients at room temperature. If you have ingrdients that's chilled, please thaw it to room temperature before you mix it in. This is to ensure that no extra moisture is added into the mixture.

Here are some of the useful secrets that I've found to be really helpful and I hope you'll find them helpful too.

---------- Mixing ----------

  • When folding flour into the butter, sugar and egg mixture, do not over beat the batter or the trapped air in the batter will escape and prevent the cake from rising.

  • If your cake mixture curdles as you add in the eggs during mixing, beat in a little of the flour before adding in the remaining eggs.

  • When making muffins, always mix the batter quickly until well combined. Do not beat. Over mixing will create a chewy rubber texture.

  • To prevent raisins from sinking during baking, toss the raisins with flour. Sieve out the excess flour and mix the raisins into the cake mixture. Do this as the last step before you pour into the baking tin. Add some raisins to your brownie for that extra bite!

Remember that head knowledge won't make you perfect. So put the baking tips to practice. Try them out on the recipes.

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