Home-made Chocolate Spreads for The Family.

Chocolate spreads anyone? You'll find these recipes delighfully irresistable and simple to prepare.

My siblings and I grew up with lots of white bread for breakfast every morning. Without fail! And for snacks we have cream crackers. I particularly remember the cream cackers with granulated sugar on top, sweet and crisp - it's the best. The cream crackers are equally good with a quick dip into coffee or hot malt. And you have to quickly pop it into your mouth before it disintegrate into your drink.

With the high amount of bread and cream crackers that we were consuming, what goes on top of the bread became an important item to give us children the excitement. We had all sorts, from plain butter to cheese, fruit jams, home-made 'kaya' (coconut egg jam), peanut butter and jelly, etc. There's so many that I may have missed out quite a few.

Sometimes, we would experiment with different combination and see if it turns out well. Some turned out good and some were better left forgotten.

While I had the chance to try so many different flavours, needless to guess that my interest in learning the recipes just steered towards chocolate flavoured ones. Check out these recipes, a deliciously creamy 'kaya'(coconut egg jam). This is my little adventure at improvising my grandma's recipe and a quick and easy recipe.

Here are other recipes for you to enjoy.

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Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie

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Chocolate Cashew Cookie
Chocolate Almond Cookie
Semolina Cookies

Chocolate Brownie

Other favourites
Chocolate Pancake

Chocolate Sauce

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