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You have decided to start baking for the first time? Or perhaps you are thinking about trying it out but not quite sure where to begin. Firstly, congratulations! I'm happy that you want to learn to baking. It's an exciting and rewarding past time.

There are many that have taken up baking as an interest and turn it into a home business. They add on their creativity in decoration, some in improvising the cake base and others in mass production for gift shops. The art belongs to you and no one art is the same as another. So put on yourself when you start this journey. For me, I like to bake for friends and families. And of course, share my recipes. That's my art! And it's a joy to know when you have turn it into something that you call your own with your own creativity. Remember to tell me about it when you make it happen.

Let me assure you that baking is a really simple process. It's simple enough for kids (with supervision, especially the oven). For beginners who have never done it before, it will grow on you once you've tried it. The first step to it is really to get your hands dirty! Of course, there are a few guidelines you can follow:

  1. Throw out the fear and get on it!
  2. Firstly don't fear the failure! Never let this fear stop you and don't let the oven intimidate you. It won't burn the cake if you watch the time & temperature - promise! ;-) Fear of failure will mean you continuing to dream of baking but never quite get there. I was 15 years old when I started my first baking. I did it at school with the most basic, can't-go-wrong kind of recipe. It got me hooked!

  3. Get good, simple, easy to follow recipes
  4. Get your hands on easy recipes. It's a great way to start baking with simple recipes. It reduces your failure rate and keep your motivation up. Try this simple butter cake. A simple and good recipe also means giving you more confidence to venture out with more complicated recipes and finding what you like.

  5. Check out the ingredients.
  6. Look at the ingredients list in the recipe. Do you know all the ingredients? Are you familiar with it? If you don't know most of the ingredients, take some time to read about it. Most recipes have the same basic ingredients like flour, baking powder, eggs, sugar which are common in your kitchen. If you see something that you are not sure of, ask your friends or your baking ingredients shop. They will gladly help you out.

  7. Shop at Baking Ingredients Shops
  8. I like to shop as Baking Ingredients specialty shop. The variety is incredible and for beginners, it's like a walking classroom. Go down the aisle and look at the different ingredients. When you get home, check out the recipe books and see if you see any of it in the book. It's an excellent wayt to learn new ingredients. If you are really facinated with a particular ingredient, look up the recipes. See now how you start to venture out from your comfort zone?

  9. Share your good recipes.
  10. Ever since I started baking, I've been sharing my recipes. Oh, share only the good ones so that they will have success. Share your baking tips too. It's a very good way to get others to start baking. A good recipe puts a smile on the bakers face and of course the satisfied look of those who tasted your goodies. You might just get another good recipe in return. That's how you build your community of bakers!

  11. Share your goodies
  12. I find it most rewarding in sharing what I've baked. How else can you perfect your bake but to share it! I like the discussion that follows suit with each one's own chocolate stories and indulgence. That's also the time to get new inspiration and new recipes to try! And get constructive feedback to improve your skills.

I hope by now you will be at ease with getting started. If you love chocolate and have a fair bit of orientation in the kitchen you can easily get started at baking. I would strongly encourage to you give baking a try. The results and feeling is priceless. If you are not the type to put in the work, there's always the stories and the best places to find the little treasures. Let me know where you found them because bakers love to sample others' fares too!

Ready to start baking? Bravo! This is going to be a wonderful experience. There's many simple and easy recipes out here to try. I love them all for their simplicity and scrumptuously satisfying.

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